Youth Alive! Kenya, Youth Empowerment Transformation Trust (YETT) og Centre for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education (CYECE)
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Om prosjektet

The proposed project creates stronger youth and youth organizations network with the appropriate knowledge and ability to participate in key decision-making processes and are able to demand their rights. The project fosters south-to-south learning and sharing of ideas from one Country/partner to another and the transfer of learning. During the exchange, YAK’s and YETT’s Member Organizations (MO:s), and CYECE district offices will have the opportunity to interact with PO:s, share tools, ideas, and knowledge. These will then be transferred back to the MO:s and CYECE district offices by the exchange participants through their follow-up work. The PO:s, MO:s and district offices will also have direct contact with other networks greater impact.