This is what Norec (FK Norway) does

The way an exchange works

Exchange through mutual, organisational  partnerships

The exchange takes place between Norwegian and foreign organisations or businesses.

Finding a partner for exchange in the foreign country will be your job.

We also support exchanges where both partner organisations are foreign.

Those who are exchanged are in most cases between 18 and 35 years of age.

You can recruit participants for exchange among existing staff or members, or outside your own organisation. The preparatory course is mandatory for all people going on exchange. 

Exchange for mutual learning

During the exchange your Norec (FK) participants travel abroad to work with your partner organisation, while the foreign participants come to work in your organisation in Norway.

Costs and investments

Norec (FK Norway) pays a moderate salary for participants. We also cover expenses for travel, stay, insurance and language course.

A dedicated member of your staff fills the role as our contact person and is in charge of participant follow-up and administrational tasks. The contact person also attends Norec (FK Norway) courses and meetings.

We offer a small administration grant to all our partners. You should keep in mind that your organisation additionally needs to allocate personell resouces to project administration.


Norec (FK- Norway) offers trainings for our partners and their participants. The purpose of the Norec (FK)- trainings is to make sure that all parties are prepared in the best way possible for creating fruitful exchange programs and successful partnerships.

The partners are given relevant tools for project management and knowledge on how to follow up participants, and we make sure that the participants are properly prepared and de- briefed before and after the exchange. It is important for all Norec (FK)- Trainings that all participants are given an opportunity to learn from each other, share experiences and build networks across borders.

Apply for exchange grant

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13 projects

18 participants


1 project


8 projects

82 participants


3 projects

9 participants


3 projects

12 participants


3 projects


3 projects

39 participants


5 projects

15 participants


2 projects

23 participants


17 projects

44 participants


23 projects

69 participants


11 projects

31 participants


14 projects

86 participants


3 projects

44 participants

Myanmar (Burma)

3 projects

13 participants


1 project


21 projects

53 participants


2 projects

16 participants


27 projects

135 participants


7 projects

15 participants

South Africa

11 projects

20 participants


1 project


18 projects

38 participants


1 project


18 projects

50 participants


6 projects

20 participants


9 projects

9 participants


7 projects

5 participants

Why go on a Norec (FK)-exchange?

Exchanges create development and growth. It broadens the perspectives and changes the attitudes of people and make businesses, institutions and organsiations more capable in achiving their goals. The exchanges are also a modern tool aiming to create mutual learning between Norway and various developing countries.  

  • 9 out of 10 businesses claim to have achieved increased technical skills through a Norec (FK)-exchange
  • Strengthen your intercultural communication skills
  • Build strong partnerships with associates in Asia, Africa or Latin-America
  • Motivate your staff and/or members
  • Broaden, diversify and globalise the skills and knowledge of your staff
  • Contribute to developing and sharings skills and knowledge in Norway and developing countries
  • Strengthen the management skills of your organisation

Since 2001 more than 1217 projects and 9308 participants have been on exchange through FK Norway.