Norges Røde Kors, Madagascar Red Cross Society, Nepal Red Cross Society and Colombia Red Cross
Colombia, Madagascar and Nepal
2017 - 2018
2,536,000 NOK

About the project

The Youth Delegates Exchange Programme (YDEP) is a mutual exchange of Red Cross/Red Crescent (RC/RC) youth volunteers, who work with organisational development (OD) and capacity development of youth volunteers, and youth structures in the participating RC/RC National Societies.

I’ve been learning so much since day one.

For the last seven months Fk participant Sofie from Norway has been on exchange in Medellin, Colombia.

In Medellin she is working with the local Red Cross branch as a Youth Delegate.

In cooperation with local volunteers the youth delegates conduct workshops, hold presentations, do information work, participate in local activities and support local volunteers. 

- This way I learn an incredible amount about both the Colombian Red Cross and its volunteers, about Colombian culture, and about myself. The experiences from my exchange have also given me a new perspective of how extremely privileged we are growing up in such a safe welfare society in Norway. In the meeting with Colombians and the Colombian society, I have had some thoughts about the consequences of the importance of Norwegian material welfare, the importance of taking care of the community, the sharing, and the ability to find joy in the simple. I have been fortunate to participate in family fellowship and experience the inclusive openness in several contexts, and it turns out we have a great deal to learn from the Colombians. 

The main objective of the exchange programme is to increase the capacity of young volunteers to address the needs of the most vulnerable. To increase the participation of young volunteers in decision making processes. To enhance cultural exchange and exchange of the Red Cross experience, activities and knowledge among the young volunteers. The Youth Delegates bring experiences from their home Red Cross society to a new country, where they share ideas and methodologies. In return, the Youth Delegates become part of a new Red Cross society, being pushed out of their comfort zone to fully understand the local context. The learnings from being outside your comfort zone is what you take back home to your own organization.

-I’ve been learning so much since day one. I’ve done things I’ve never done before. I’ve held workshops, presentations, meeting, writing reports, joining many activities and learned so much. I really come out empowered. Empowered, ready to embrace my future, where I will continue working with humanitarian work.