Nepal Bishwobidhyalaya ChristiaBidhyarthi Sangati (NBCBS), Evangelical Students and Graduates Union of Ethiopia (EvaSUE), Union des Group Biblique de Madagascar(UGBM), Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS Kenya), Allianca Bíblica Universitária do Brazil (ABUB) and Norges kristelige student- og skoleungdomslag (NKSS)
Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar and Nepal
2,267,500 NOK

About the project

Short description: The project seek to enhance the capacity within the partner movement and to nuture young leaders for the movement. Description: Through this program NKSS and their partners want all of their participants to take leadership responsibilities in the organization or/and in wider society and they want to increase the knowledge and ability among the participants to meaningfully interact with cross cultural issues. They also want to enhance the network within the IFES movement, strengthening the unity of the movement, and increase the exchange of experience and information.