African Alliance of YMCAs, Kenya YMCA., KFUK-KFUM Global, Madagascar YMCA, Zimbabwe YMCA and The National Council of YMCAs of South Africa
Kenya, Madagascar, Norway, South Africa and Zimbabwe
2016 - 2017
1,883,480 NOK

About the project

The "Young Advocates for Change" is a volunteer exchange coordinated by the African Alliance of YMCAs focusing on develop young leaders and strengthening youth participation in civil society. The project builds on the African Alliance of YMCAs "Subject 2 Citizen"-philosophy which is about youth moving away from beings subjects towards being active citizens. The Subject to Citizen (S2C) initiative is designed to unlock the potential of young people and equip themwith the skills and confidence to transform themselves and other young people. During the 10-month exchange participants work with mobilizing youth and strengthening youth structures at branch level in the different partner organizations.