The partnership must apply for a collaboration agreement in order to start an exchange project under the FK Volunteer programme. A collaboration agreement normally consists of 1 round of personnel exchange. In their application to FK Norway, the partnership should explain the expected results of the exchange project and how they will cooperate.

Exchange project application

Collaboration Agreement Application

The partnership must apply for a Collaboration Agreement to start an exchange project under the FK Volunteer programme. A Collaboration Agreement consists of 1 round of exchange. The Collaboration Agreement is an agreement between FK Norway and the coordinating partner on behalf of the partnership. The agreement is based on a project description that presents what the partners aim to achieve through the exchange, and a Partnership Agreement where they divide roles and responsibilities amongst each other. The application for Collaboration Agreement consists of the following main documents with annexes:

Overall project description (E01)

The Overall Project Description is the main application document. Here the applicants introduce the partnering organizations and provide information on the framework of the potential exchange, including the expected results.

Partnership agreement (E03)

This agreement defines the partners' responsibilities towards each other and should be signed by all partners.

The application for a Collaboration Agreement is submitted together with the following annexes:

E07, E09, E15, E19, as well as a course schedule development with the assistance of D17.

Grant Calculation

FK Norway provides a grant to cover costs related to the exchange. As part of the application, partners must submit a grant calculation template. There are two templates, one for north-south exchanges and one for south-south exchanges.

Grant calculation – North-South (E02a)

Grant calculation – South-South (E02b)

In addition to the documents mentioned above the applicant must also submit:


All partnerships have a designated case handler in FK Norway. You will find the contact information to your case handler on our list of employees. Your case handler receives all application documents and reports, and is available for professional guidance on planning and managing the FK exchange project.

The following guidelines will help you plan the exchange project and fill out the application documents:

FK definitions (A14)

Ethical principles (A18)

Guideline for grant calculation – North-South (E12a)

Guideline for grant calculation – South-South (E12b)

Guideline for FK participant agreement (E15)

Guideline on Youth Leadership (D16)

Guideline for courses under FK Volunteer (D17)

Guideline on result management (B13) 

Emergency plan (E08)

Example of self-declaration (E19)

Contact information for partnership (E07)