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Why become a collaborating partner?

FK Norway gives funding and guidance to exchange projects involving employees in Norway and in countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The gains of this kind of exchange are many:

  • knowledge and expertise from other countries
  • knowledge of intercultural communication
  • strengthened cooperation with your partner in Asia, Africa or Latin America
  • more motivated staff and/or volunteers
  • staff development and knowledge boost
  • contribution to development and knowledge transfer in Norway and development countries

Exchanges lead to development and growth. They expand perspectives and change attitudes and make companies, institutions and organisations better equipped to reach their goals. Exchanges are also a tool for mutual learning between countries.

9 out of 10 companies say that they have seen improvement of technical skills as a result of the exchange

7 out of 10 participants agree that the exchange has strengthened their ability to solve problems. (FK partners and participants survey 2013)

Read more about requirements to become a partner.

Contact us to find out if exchange is for you

Sonali Mehta

Administration Adviser

Telephone +47 24 14 57 00