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Go on exchange

If you are aged between 18 and 35, you may go on exchange with one of our collaborating partners.

During the exchange you go to a country in Africa, Asia or Latin America and work for an organisation or institution for a longer period. You receive a moderate salary or pocket money during the exchange period and a place to live. Practical information for you who would like to go on exchange.

FK Norway does not send out participants, so you must be associated with one of our partner organisations or companies in order to be sent for exchange.

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This is how your employer can become a partner

You too can go on exchange through your company or organisation. This is how to become a collaborating partner of FK Norway:

  1. Your organisation or company wishes to start exchange with a partner in a developing country or in Norway, in order to share skills and learn from each other.
  2. Your organisation or company contact us and applies for conducting a feasibility study.
  3. If we approve the application, your organisation can become our partner and receive financial support for exchange.
  4. The organisation recruits internal and external participants.
  5. If you are the lucky one, you will work in a foreign country, and someone else will come to your home country to work at your workplace. When the exchange is over, you come home and share with your colleagues what you have learnt.