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About us

Last updated: Tuesday, April 12, 2016

FK Norway gives young people in Norway and developing countries the opportunity to experience each other’s reality. We are convinced that the world becomes a little more just when people get to know each other better and create values together.

Since 1963 almost 8000 FK Norway’s participants have taken part in exchange between Norway and countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The exchange may also take place between developing countries.

About 400 organisations and institutions exchange young people in collaboration with us. Physiotherapists, engineers, journalists, designers and young activists are examples of people who swap places across national frontiers. Through working with each other the organisations share knowledge and experiences. A collaboration with FK Norway expands perspectives and changes attitudes.

FK Norway is a part of the national developmental policy. FK Norway was established in 1963 to send people from Norway, and was reorganised in 2000 to do mutual exchange. The Norwegian Parliament allocates funds in the national budget every year so that we can do our job. Our task is to facilitate mutual learning and development of institutions and local communities. We give financial support to organisations and companies that wish to exchange staff with another organisation.

We make the world smaller.

Ethical Principles (pdf)
FK Norway's ethical principles apply to all activities related to FK Norway, whether implemented by FK participants, parters or staff.

Annual reports

Annual report 2015 (pdf)
Annual report 2014 (pdf)
Annual report 2013 (pdf)
Annual report 2012 (pdf)

Annual report 2011 (pdf)
Annual report 2010 (pdf)
Annual report 2009 (pdf)
Annual report 2008 (pdf)
Annual report 2007 (pdf)
Annual report 2006 (pdf)
Annual report 2005 (pdf)
Annual report 2004 (pdf)
Annual report 2003 (pdf)

Key figures

Instruction and strategy

Regulations, evaluations and surveys

FK Newsletter

The FK Newsletter is published quarterly. Read earlier issues and subsribe.